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I was googling ME and this site was in the results - I love these phonto! Good old Humphrey dog!! I still your house was perfect. Your house has been the setting of so many books I have read. The kitchen - so perfectly big, and warm and inviting. For years I thought everyone's house had back stairs - yours,ours, Grandma's. But yours wasn't nearly as steep as everyone else's. But the ATTIC! On the attic alone that house was perfection. Not just the the evening gown dressups (thank you older sisters), or the excellent chairs and other furniture. It was the high ceilings, and windows, and the cozy alcoves. Where else could you do haunted houses like we used? Remember?

But I will always always always remember the first I saw the wizard of oz in color. at your house. Didn't they always show it on TV in the winter - maybe february. The TV was in the family room just in front of the first window - on the left. We were all sitting on the floor. I was in front of the coffee table. When Dorothy opened that door and walked into color my eyes just about popped out of my head. I can still see the whole room - and even part of the dining room. Its covered with sewing. As usual!

Your house has some of the best memories of my childhood. Thanks Christensens!

— E. Bardeen

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