Bob Johnson’s Tribute to Andy Christensen

(from Bob Johnson)

Read at Andy Christensen’s funeral on January 7, 1994

I first met Andy almost l4 years ago while making my first rounds of the Hospital.
I sensed that as he looked me over he surmised that I wasn’t too conversant with the difference between a monkey wrench and a crescent wrench. He was right. However, he soon taught me the difference and a great many other mechanical things as well.

I always looked forward to visiting with Andy early every morning and getting a review of what had happened in the buildings during the night along with his plans for the day.

He was well liked by his staff and he never took advantage of any of them. He would always try to repair a broken item before he asked for a replacement. The doctors in the operating room would repeatedly call for him to make special item for them that might help them in doing a surgical procedure.

He got along with every department in the Hospital. During our building programs he was called on for a great many extra functions in order to keep the Hospital running. He never complained when some unusual job called for long hours into the night.

He was so proud of his family. He would always tell of any changes in the lives of his children. I’ll never forget the smile on his face one Christmas when he brought one of Betty’s gingerbread houses to our children. Yes, he did have a big heart.

He was very fond of his Church. Many of the things that he did for the Church were done in a quiet efficient manner. He spent many hours on the Church roof in the heat of the summer, spreading tar. As Trustee he was always available to offer his expertise and to participate in any project. He made the creche that we still use on the table in the front of the sanctuary at Christmas.

I’m very glad that I had the privilege to know and work with Andy both in the Hospital and in the Church. His contributions were many and were always done in a quiet way. Yes, he meant a great deal to me, to my family and all those who knew him. Andy was a super friend.

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