Over a century ago, our first common ancestor came to this country. They found family, and friends, and a better life. And now the family continues to grow and spread, reaching great distances, and is made up of people doing many things. I still fondly remember times when we all sat around a house on Cherry Street. Some of the people are now gone, and the house is now part of a new family; but I hope the things shared on this site strengthen those family memories and feelings just a little bit.


Patent Cereals

When Patent Cereal burned, I was not very old…maybe 10? Half of Geneva went down to watch. I was at Mary Martha’s house and her mother took us down to the lake. We were so close that a cinder burned a hole in my fake fur coat (handed down from one of Grace’s daughters). Mom …

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Birthdays This Month

  • Nathan C. May 7
  • Laura C. May 20
  • Patrick C. May 21

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