Nana was the one who got me hooked on Stephen King novels at about the age of 12. She used to tell Mom not to let me read them before bedtime but what did I always see when I spent… (Continue reading Books.)

House and the TV

I was googling ME and this site was in the results - I love these phonto! Good old Humphrey dog!! I still your house was perfect. Your house has been the setting of so many books I have read. The… (Continue reading House and the TV.)


When I was a young pre-teen I had visions of creating some sort of “clubhouse” in the cellar. I’m not quite sure what I had in mind. Possibly just some privacy, since the only time in my living in… (Continue reading Basement.)


I, too, have vivid memories of maggots in the garbage and hating to have to be the one to put out the garbage after supper. — Chris D… (Continue reading garbage.)

Utility Space

I woke up from a dream last week and remembered that the dream had taken place in the cellar way of the Cherry St. house. It made me start remembering all kinds of little trivia about what was stored there… (Continue reading Utility Space.)


In response to Kirsten’s question: “What year to Papa come to America? Or how old was he? Does anyone know??” Dad was born on June 27, 1903 in Mejlby, Denmark. He entered the USA in New York in December 1925… (Continue reading Origins.)

Where Ma’s From

Ma was born on August 9, 1913 in Skanderborg, Denmark. She entered the USA in New York in March 1914 and became a naturalized citizen on February 4, 1924 under her father’s name, Jens Jacob Andersen…. (Continue reading Where Ma’s From.)

Nina and Don courting

I keep thinking about David Elias and I serenading Nina and Don when they were sitting on the back porch at Mom’s. “Nina and Don sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Don with… (Continue reading Nina and Don courting.)

Patent Cereals

When Patent Cereal burned, I was not very old…maybe 10? Half of Geneva went down to watch. I was at Mary Martha’s house and her mother took us down to the lake. We were so close that a cinder burned… (Continue reading Patent Cereals.)

Danish Medal

The source of the Danish medal that dad had has always intrigued me. I was able to identify it on the web today. In 1864 Denmark fought a brief losing war with Prussia and Austria over Schleswig and Holstein. The… (Continue reading Danish Medal.)

Romance at the Hotel Seneca

I believe Dad used to tell the story that he was working at Hotel Seneca, saw Mom go by and called out to her and that’s how we all came about. Does that sound familiar to anyone??? - Nancy I… (Continue reading Romance at the Hotel Seneca.)

Coming Over

In Denmark, a name could be spelled in more than one.…the important thing was how it was pronounced. Theodor spelled his name Kristensen most of the time but sometimes Christensen.…either way it was pronounced the same way. Most of the… (Continue reading Coming Over.)


Ann and Emily Bardeen were discussing their father’s house on the corner of Lafayette and Cherry Streets. They seemed to be saying that they were not fond of the structure and pointed out that the Christensen house was a “perfect… (Continue reading Houses.)

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